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Are you looking to enter the US postal survey? Then you need to know about the name that is PostalExperience Survey. The official website of the program can be accessed at

Even with greater innovations, some people still use postal services for their communication purpose too. United States Postal Service is maintained by the US Government. It was established in 1971. Benjamin Franklin was the first postmaster and at present more than 600k employees are currently working across many several regions in the United States.

US Postal Survey in

us postal service

US Postal service was looking for a better opportunity to learn about the customer satisfaction level and finally, this was the only way to gather feedback on the postal experience from its customers and based on the feedback they could improve their service standards. Also find out how to enter Krogerfeedback and win free 50 bonus fuel points.

Survey Details

  • Official Website –
  • Age limit – 18 Years & Above
  • Reward options – 18 years and above
  • Entry options – Online
  • Survey start date: January 1, 2019
  • End date: December 31, 2020
  • Giveaway: No giveaways or free gifts.
  • Location: Only applicable for the U.S

Survey Rules for PostalExperience com POS

  • This survey is only valid for legal residents from 50 regions across the United States.
  • The minimum age criteria to participate in the survey is 18 years old and more.
  • A valid purchase is required before you participate in the survey.
  • The validity of the receipt is eligible for one time.
  • Any person who is not associated with the employees and staff members of the post office is not eligible to participate in the survey.

Gifts/Rewards for Postal Experience

When you complete the survey, you are qualified to receive a gift coupon which you could make use of it during your next purchase. Also, check the Kroger store feedback program.

PostalExperience POS Survey Homepage

If you are not familiar with the survey website, then the below image is the reference look of the official website.

postalexperience com pos,,

The company logo is located at the top and the complete website will have a white background and the text color is blue and black variation.


How to participate in survey online

  • It is necessary to follow the survey rules to qualify for the reward.
  • A valid purchase is required to take part in the survey.
  • Visit your nearest store to buy and save the receipt copy.
  • Now you have to visit the official website ( of the US Postal Survey.
  • The next option is choosing your preferred language setting ie., either English or Spanish.
  • Enter the zip code where you made the purchase.
  • Fill the date and time of your purchase from the receipt.
  • Based on your visit, you will receive several questions and we recommend you to honestly answer all the survey questions one by one by choosing the appropriate answer or feedback opinions at postalexperience pos.
  • Share your final wordings about the shopping experience.
  • In the end, you will receive a free gift card coupon code that you can use during your next visit.

United States Postal Service

It is one of the available and most used postal services in the United States. This organization is directly managed and controlled by the government representative of the United State.

More than 600K employees are currently working and 200K vehicles are running and delivering billions of postcards across several regions in the United States. The headquarters of USP is located in Washington.

USPS Tracking

If you are concerned about whether the package or your postcard is delivered. Check the current status of your USPS package tracking from the official website using the USPS tracking code.

When you use the code and you will get the live location updates. This is an easier way to track the package.

How to Track USPS Package

  • Visit the USPS Parcel Tracking page.
  • Enter your receipt or tracking id which is printed on your receipt.
  • If you have a bulk request, enter all the code separated by commas.
  • Press the ENTER button to continue.
  • The exact location of the parcel will be displayed and enter your details like phone number and email to receive live updates on your device.

Important points:

  • The tracking number is a 15 digit number which is used for referring the package.
  • Using the USPS Mobile app, You can easily track the package location from your device.

Contact USPS Care & Support

If you would like to share your feedback about postalexperience com pos with any customer representative, then you can call the number directly and request any doubts, queries, and clarification with the postal service.

  • Customer Care phone number: 1 800 275 8777


To better understand customer satisfaction, US Postal service offers its customers to share their feedback on about its service quality and others. These feedback opinions help them to analyze and study about customer preferences and improve its quality standards.

We recommend you to honestly answer the questions and give valuable feedback. Also, as a reward, all the customers receive a coupon which can be used to avail of certain discounts.

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  1. What holiday was yesterday, 13 July, that I didn’t know about that we didn’t get mail or have it picked up?

    Also last Saturday we did not have mail picked up or delivered. It was finally delivered on Sunday by a “special van.”

    This is the second Saturday we had no service. Is the USPS cutting out Saturday service?

    Our address is 781 Eckrich Place, 63119,

  2. I visited the Monroe, Ohio post office on July 16, 2020 at 9:00AM. Our county has been under a required public face mask order from the governor. All patrons were wearing masks. The two postal employees I saw at the front desk were not.

  3. Postal employee was extremely patient with me while I was trying to decide on which postal stamps I wanted.

  4. I went to the Post Office in Fairhaven Mass today. There was a Man cleaning the area inside and did NOT have on a Mask!!!!! He can TWICE can within a foot of myself while cleaning around me. This made me VERY uncomfortable!!! My husband and I are older, him with many health issues. We rarely leave the house, and when we do we are always with Mask, and Hand Sanitizer!!! I did also tell the Postal Clerk about my Concerns!!! This issue needs to be address. Thank You for looking into this matter.

  5. Why are you not hiring more employees? No over time thus mail is not getting out. You want the business, but are not willing to support it with help. You buy new trucks and I am sure the higher ups get their raises and then some. Why not have the higher ups work the post offices and get out of the towers and the White House. Is all this really about the ELECTIONS? Also, the BOSS is a person with NO postal experience just donated to the RNC office holder. Can anyone get a job there? Would a donation to the RNC help get a job there?


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