Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card – Benefits

Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card: Most of the people knows about the Kroger and its store because of their customer program which rewards with fuel points, cash reward, and gift coupons. Even though there are more retailers in the market, but customers prefer Kroger because of their support.

Most of the retail companies like Lowes, Target, Wal-mart, Kroger, etc., follow the same strategies to satisfy their customers. Every retailer has its own loyalty program for their customer.

Kroger gives more rewards to their customer and collects more information about their shopping experience through a monthly sweepstake survey program. Comparing other companies with Kroger, no company will give this many rewards for its customers.


kroger shoppers card

Kroger offers many benefits for its customer and one of them is the Kroger Plus Card. These benefits are highly suitable for customers who are frequently buying at Kroger.

These cards are part of a loyalty program where customers earn 1 fuel point for every $1 spent on their shopping. Once you get enough points, you can use it to pay for your fuel at any gas station. All the reward points earned through Kroger survey feedback programs are added to the customer’s shopping plus card.

When you get Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card, you will be enrolled for the Fuel Points program automatically so that you could save on your fuel.

Now, let’s find out the benefits, how to apply and use your Kroger Plus card while shopping.

Benefits of Kroger Plus Card

Wanna know the benefits of having a Kroger shopper’s card? Because it is very important to know the benefits and offers you will get when you pay with the card. Always use your plus card to shop and avail of discount on your purchase.

  • With more e-coupons available, you can add balances to your card to avail discounts for a particular product.
  • Get rewards for all the purchases you make at the Kroger store, you will get 1 fuel point for every $1 to spend on your purchase. These bonus fuel points are added to your plus card.
  • If you would like to win 50 free fuel points, then you need to participate in the krogerfeedback fuel points survey program.

Still, you will get more benefits when you use the Kroger shopper’s card along with your purchase. So if you wanna save your money, make sure you get the Kroger card.

kroger plus card

How to Apply for Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card

Wanna know how to apply for Kroger REWARDS World Mastercard? Here are the two ways you should try to apply and get the Kroger Plus shopper’s card.

  • Through ONLINE.
  • From Kroger Stores near you.

The procedure for applying is quite easy and once your application is processed, you will get your card within a few weeks.

How to Apply for Kroger Plus Card in Online

When you want to apply online, it is mandatory to have a Kroger account. If you don’t have an account with Kroger, then you need to follow the below steps to create an account.

  • From your mobile/computer, use the available browser to visit the Kroger Website.
  • Now on the application form, enter your first name, last name, email address, and password.
  • Choose a strong password with at least one number, one special character.
  • Now enter your Plus card details or ALT ID to add it to your account.
  • or Create a new ALT ID to use in-store. (You will not get a physical Plus card. Everyone uses their phone number)
  • Select “Send me deals”, if you want to receive offers and coupons to save more on your shopping.
  • Select “Personalize my experience”, if you want Kroger to recommend products and send more offers that might be relevant to you.
  • Finally, select “Agree to Terms & Conditions” and click on “Create Account” to complete your step.

Once your account is created, you can use your Plus card or ALT ID to use it when you shopping at the Kroger store.

How to Get Kroger Shopper’s Card at Store

  • Visit any Kroger Stores near you and try to contact any Kroger executives regarding the application for the Kroger Plus card.
  • Now kindly fill the application with your name, address, phone number and submit your application to the executive.
  • Once you submit, all the details will be checked and verified. After these details are added to the system. The executive will give Kroger Plus card.

You can instantly use your card with all your purchases.

How to Save Fuel at Kroger Gas Station

Before you plan to shop at any Kroger store, if you want to save more on the shopping, make sure you carry the issued shopper’s card.

If you want to save on fuel, find more on this article about Kroger Fuel Points here.

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