Check Kroger Fuel Points Balance

Kroger always rewards its loyal customers with coupons, gift cards, fuel points, and cash prizes. Customers get free Kroger fuel points when they shop at any of the retail stores.

Because of valuing its customers, Kroger is one of the leading largest supermarket chains in terms of revenue. Also with Kroger feedback, customers can earn free fuel points by sharing their shopping experience with the company.

The customer finds all the necessary items in the Kroger store because Kroger owns and produces dairy products, bakery products, butcher, and other essential needed items.

This was one of the reasons which People love to shop at Kroger.

Other reasons are Kroger Rewards. Whenever you shop at Kroger Supermarkets, you will be rewarded with fuel points, discounts, coupon code and more.

So in this article, we will guide you on how to win/earn these reward points and how to redeem these Kroger fuel points.

Kroger Rewards: Fuel Points

Kroger reward is one of the reasons for the customer to choose Kroger because whenever a customer is shopping at Kroger stores.

Customers share their shopping experience through the survey program and they get a reward which will be helpful during their next shopping.

kroger fuel station
Kroger fuel station

In this way, Kroger encourages its customers to shop more frequently so that they could claim their rewards. These are generally focused on customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Free Kroger Fuel Points

Kroger giveaway free fuel points to all its customers who shop at their retail stores.

If you wish to earn/win reward points, then you had to purchase any item from one of the Kroger stores. Here are some of the ways to earn these fuel points whenever you shop at the store.

Below we had listed some of the ways to earn fuel points.

  • Always use your Kroger shopper’s card, to make a purchase at any of the stores
  • When you purchase gift cards, you get a chance to earn 2X fuel rewards when you use your gift card to pay.
  • When you shop online, at the pharmacy, Fred Meyer jewelers shop you are able to earn free fuel points as a reward for every 1 dollar spent.
kroger fuel points save $1
save $1 per gallon of fuel

How to win 50 Kroger Bonus Fuel Points

Earlier we saw how to earn these points, now there is a chance to win Kroger fuel points by participating in the Kroger customer feedback program using your purchase receipt.

Earn 1 Fuel Points for every spending of $1 at Kroger store survey program is controlled and managed by Kroger to understand better about its loyal customers.

From 50 fuel pt bonus program, customers will share their opinions and answer the questions to share their shopping experience at the store.

When you complete this survey, you will win free 50 bonus fuel points as a reward for your feedback about the Kroger store.

How to Redeem Fuel points at Kroger Gas station?

Once you earn 100 fuel points, use these points to pay for your purchase at the gas station. When you pay for the fuel, use your

card to choose the discount amount like 10 cents, 50 cents, up to 1$ per gallon.

Can I use Kroger fuel points at Shell Fuel Station? Yes, You can use these points on any shell gas station. But the amount of discount will be lesser.

So we recommend you to make use of the Kroger Gas station to avail maximum discount

Steps to redeem your Kroger Fuel Points

Follow these steps to redeem your fuel points at the Kroger Gas Station:

how to redeem kroger fuel points
how to redeem fuel points
  1. Find the nearby Kroger gas station.
  2. Before filling fuel, scan your Plus Card at the station or any of the Kroger Shopper’s card.
  3. Now you have to choose the balance fuel points available on your card.

How to check Kroger Fuel points balance online?

It is essential to know your balance before you plan to use these fuel points. Customers are searching to find their balance fuel points which are left on their shopping card.

When you shop at Kroger store and use your card to make payment then you will get a receipt with the available fuel point remaining printed.

You can contact the customer care service on this number (1-800-KROGERS) to inquiry about the balance reward points on your card.

One more way to check your balance fuel points by visiting the official website of Kroger and sign in to your account with the username and password to access the Kroger Plus Card option to get the available balance fuel points on your card.

8 thoughts on “Check Kroger Fuel Points Balance”

  1. why am I only get a 50point survey once a month some times I go to the store at least twice a week, But now I go to HY VEE they give points on almost every thing plus on special days you can even get more points so whats the deal I would rather shop at Bakers

  2. Hi , two times I wonted to use my points at the bp gas station I have 238
    Points but the pump only gave me 0.03 cents per gallon . There is something
    Wrong with the card ? Like I said before this is the second it happened.
    Can you check my balance und get back to me .
    Thanks Klaus

  3. I got a new card and had my points transferred,I go to the store and they add my points. When I go to buy fuel it says my number is invalid……4 33059 04566 9, is this a good number or what,,, why am I being told this…. I went to 2 different stations.

  4. I am a little perturbed with Kroger gas points. This past time June 30, 2020 I visited Kroger gas stations to redeem my fuel point. At this time I had 1819 point. This amount was to be used by June 30, 2020. I used 1000 points and got gas, in Cumming Ga. This leaving me 819 points. Later in the day I tried to redeem the remaining points of 819 in Newnan Ga. I tried to put in 80 cents and it was not accepted. I tried over and over and none of my attempts were accepted. I was forced to use my next month allowed points of 1000. So now I do not have any gas points to use this month ( July 2020) and I have lost my 819 from June 2020. This has occurred before I could only use 1000 points regardless of how many points I had. Please respond letting me know what is the problem. I rely on saving money on Kroger gas however I would like to use all the points I have accumulated during the month. If your policy has changed and a person can not use any points less than 1000, I would like to know. I work very hard to try and acquire points.

    • We recommend you to check the terms and conditions. There are few restrictions on using gas points.


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